Persepolis, the Symbol of the Achaemenes Magnificence

Persepolis in Shiraz Shiraz is known as the city of gardens due to its numerous fruit and flower gardens and as the city of poetry since a number of great poets of Iran lived there; however, considering the large number of historical sites of the city, it is fair to call it one of the […]

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Pasargadae, Where the Great King Rests

About Pasargadae Pasargadae was selected and founded as the capital of the Achaemenid dynasty, the first Persian Kingdom, in the time of Cyrus II of Persia (559–530 BC) when the victory was gained in the battle against the Medes in that region. It was built and developed by Cyrus II and his son Cambyses II […]

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Albaloo Polo: Delicious Shirazi Dish with Sour Cherries

An Elegant and Colorful Dish Iran ranks 1st in fruit production in the Middle East and North Africa, but certain fruits in Iran are very seasonal and are only found a few months around the year. One of these fruits is sour cherry (Albaloo). Picked during the summer, sour cherry can be used in cooking […]

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Goosht-o Lubia

What Is Goosht-o Lubia Goosht-o Lubia is the traditional food of Isfahan city. The name simply means meat and beans (lamb’s meat and navy beans). Modern life has a great influence on people’s lifestyles and consequently the food they consume. Nowadays, Goosht-o Lubia is not as popular among Iranian people as it used to be; […]

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Jameh Mosque of Isfahan; 14 Centuries of Architecture

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan is one of several hundred religious monuments of Iran that has been preserved for half the world since the Seljuk era and still retains its authenticity gloriously. The current structure of the mosque is mainly related to the Seljuk period, but its repairs and extensions are related to later periods, especially […]

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